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VS-100 Silent Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators from Vibco Australia

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Vibco Australia  is a specialist provider of advanced technology-based industrial vibratory equipment such as pneumatic turbine vibrators designed for bulk material handling requirements.  

A pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer was experiencing excessive downtime and losing product because their vaccine bottles were not feeding properly through the lane reduction area of their belt feeder.  

The bottles would get stuck and some would break in the process. The staff would have to stop the belt, unclog the bottles and clean up any broken ones.  

Vibco’s VS-100 silent pneumatic turbine vibrator was installed on the belt feeder of the pharmaceutical packaging line right at the lane reduction area.  

The pneumatic turbine vibrator produced the right amount of vibration to keep the bottles in line so that they fed through to the indexing area without a hitch.  

The result of the turbine vibrator installation was a dramatic reduction in feeder downtime, virtually zero broken bottles and no risk of injury from broken glass.  

The customer received significant benefits from the installation of the VS-100 silent pneumatic vibrators: 

  • Feeder downtime was dramatically reduced by eliminating bottle clogs
  • Product loss was eliminated by removing the cause of bottle breakage
  • Risk of employee injury from broken glass was eliminated
  • Increased production and daily output
  • Reduced man hours required for belt maintenance and product clean-up


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