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Model BVS-320 Silent Turbine Vibrators from Vibco Australia

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article image Model BVS-320 Silent Turbine Vibrator

A silent turbine vibrator installed by Vibco Australia at a customer’s manufacturing facility helped them eliminate a waste problem caused by contamination while increasing productivity.    

The wastage problem at the manufacturing facility was due to cross-batch contamination caused by their mobile bins not emptying out completely before they were moved to the next station for mixing different product batches.  

Workers had to clean the mobile bins out manually to ensure all materials were emptied out.  

Vibco Australia installed a VIBCO BVS-320 silent turbine vibrator that maximised the material flow, ensuring the bins were completely emptied at the end of a station batch run.  

The customer did not have to deal with contaminated batches or manual bin cleaning, facilitating enhanced productivity and cost savings for the company.  

Key benefits of VIBCO BVS-320 silent turbine vibrator 

  • Increased productivity with ease of bin transfer from station to station, batch to batch
  • Reduced product contamination
  • Reduced waste in production
  • Reduction in lost man hours (from manual emptying of bins)
Alternatively, Vibco offers other models of silent turbine vibrators for similar applications:  

Model MLT-S/S and MLT series feature stainless steel construction and anti-corrosive housing to make the vibrators ideal for sanitary environments.  

Model SCR series features adjustable speed and force for easy adaptability in many applications as well as enable continuous duty operation.  

Technical Specifications

  • 6800 VPM at 80 PSI
  • 600 lbs of force
  • 10 CFM at 80 PSI
  • 70 dB at 80 PSI

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