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Flat Top Vibrating Table Installed for Cat Litter Packaging Line by Vibco Australia

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Vibco Australia  supplies and installs a range of vibratory equipment designed for bulk material handling applications in industries.  

A cat litter packaging plant was losing valuable time and money overfilling containers. To get the specified amount into the container, they had to overfill to allow for settling in transit.  

Not only did this waste large quantities of litter but the overspill on the production floor also required extra manpower to clean up at the end of each shift.  

Vibco custom-built a vibrating table that was installed directly below the filling station. Vibrators were run during the filling cycle, which depeaked the litter properly in the buckets allowing for the specified amount to be loaded without having to overfill.  

The flat top vibrating table eliminated spillage while ensuring the fill rates were excellent and the end-of-shift clean-up time significantly reduced.  

Benefits of the custom-built Vibco flat top vibratory table equipped with two Model 50-3S-EM piston vibrators include:

  • Significantly less product loss with more accurate material filling
  • Faster fill rates and higher productivity
  • Reduced effort in clean-up at the end of the shift

Others models of vibrating tables include:

  • Grid top vibratory tables designed to fit into an existing roller conveyor and featuring automatic operation as well as heavy duty construction
  • US-RD vibratory tables featuring variable speed control

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