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VHF mobile radio from Vertex Standard (Australia)

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Vertex Standard (Australia)  provides series of VX-2200 (128-channel) mobile with special features like FM transceivers designed flexible mobile business communications. Vertex Standard (Australia) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vertex Standard Company. It is globally and publicly listed company on the Tokyo Stock exchange with in excess of 650 employees.

The VX-2200V - VHF mobile radio from Vertex Standard (Australia) is flexible mobile business communications in the VHF Land Mobile Radio band. Vertex Standard (Australia) has designed these transceivers in a wide variety of business communication applications.

VX-2200V - VHF mobile radio functions with a wide range of operating capability provided by leading-edge design with high output power. It has an eight character alpha-numeric display to manage the 128 channel capacity.

The frequency range of VX-2200V - VHF mobile radio is 134 – 174 MHZ, its power output is 25 W, and it also has a loud front speaker audio. This VX-2200V - VHF mobile radio has an encryption option with either voice inversion or rolling code.

Vertex Standard (Australia) provides VX-2200V - VHF mobile radio with a mic, mobile bracket and a DC cable. The other accessories that come along with VX-2200V - VHF mobile radio are microphone, desk top microphone, external speaker, voice privacy unit, trunk unit and many more.

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