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Ultrafilter for water treatment

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VERTEX Research has released a new generation of ultrafilter for water treatment.

The model UFL-440 is a simple-to-use package that in many cases will require no additional pumps, valves or controls.

The filter membrane has 0.03 micron pores that remove sediment, colloids, cysts and bacteria. The multi-bore membrane is made of a flexible polyether sulfone and is physically and chemically robust.

The asymmetric membranes have a substrate with much larger pores than the ultra smooth separation layer. The result is that particles are retained on the internal separation surface and do not plug the supporting substrate. The retained particles are periodically flushed to waste.

Typical water recovery is 98%.

Pre-treatment can be as simple as a 100 mesh screen. Filter cartridges, filter aids and coagulants are not required.

Some applications include point of entry clarification, R.O. pre-treatment, maintenance of pure water recirculation systems, food manufacturers, ice works, hospitals, printers and aquaculture.

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