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Water treatment equipment available from Vertex Hydropore

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Vertex Hydropore  designs and manufactures an extensive range of water treatment equipment and accessories suitable for use in industrial and commercial organisations, hospitals, universities, mines, factories and bottled water manufacturing companies. The water treatment systems, designed by Vertex Hydropore, can be used for filtering water from total dissolved solids and turbidity. Vertex Hydropore offers installation and maintenance support services to its clients with portable water supply and water purification needs. Using computer aided design and manufacturing strategies, Vertex Hydropore designs reliable and efficient water purification systems.

The reverse osmosis water purification systems, developed by Vertex Hydropore, are tested for quality and efficiency. The semipermeable membranes of the water treatment units, manufactured by Vertex Hydropore, are made from stainless steel materials. The laboratory reagent grade water systems from Vertex Hydropore are available in wall mounted, centralised and bench top models. Food technicians, chemical engineers, plumbing contractors and laboratory managers with water treatment and purification needs can benefit from the water purification system design and installation support services offered by Vertex Hydropore.

The reverse osmosis membranes, supplied by Vertex Hydropore, are available in a range of pore sizes and support structures.

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