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Vertex Hydropore discuss rain water filtration solutions

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Contaminants commonly found in rain water can be classified as either pathogens or organic chemicals. Biological pathogens include fungi, cysts, bacteria and viruses. Tannins are the predominant naturally occurring organic chemical and synthetic organics include pesticide overspray and air pollution. Inorganic chemicals can be sourced to dust and roofing and tank materials such as zinc, copper and lead solder.

Vertex Hydropore recommend that any treatment method should be preceded by a first flush system which directs initial rain flows to a drain system. Water filtration solutions can include the following:

Coarse filtration solutions
These filtration systems involve the use of self cleaning screens, bag filters or cartridge filters.

Fine filtration or sub micron filtration solutions
This method involves the use of a self cleaning ultra filter or a one micron cyst rated cartridge.

Organic reduction
This process involves using activated carbon and anion resin.

This process involves using chlorine, ozone and ultraviolet irradiation in the filtration process.

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