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Ultrafiltration Systems from Vertex Hydropore for Water Treatment

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An ultrafiltration water treatment plant using the new Dow SFP-2860 membrane was recently commissioned by Vertex Hydropore .

The Vertex Hydropore Model UF-D2860-4 ultrafilter system is designed to produce 10,000 litres per hour of filtered water from dam water with turbidity up to 300 NTU and 100mg/litre of total suspended solids.

Ultrafiltration systems use self-cleaning hollow fibre membranes to remove particles down to 0.03 microns. Particles, cysts, bacteria and many viruses are removed using the ultrafilter.

Each Dow SFP-2860 ultrafilter module contains 9000 PVDF hollow fibres with a molecular weight cut-off of 100,000 Daltons. Particles that collect on the membrane surface are removed during an automated backwash cycle.

A programmable logic controller provides fully automatic operation including product water tank level control, back wash cycle and membrane chemical cleaning to reduce service requirements.

Ultrafiltration systems are suitable for removing suspended solids including sub micron colloids from water resources such as town water, river water, dam water, bore water and sea water. 

While ultrafiltration systems cannot remove dissolved solids such as mineral salts or inorganic chemicals, they can be used to clean water for potable water applications as well as pre-treatment in reverse osmosis systems.

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