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River water filtration systems from Vertex Hydropore

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Vertex Hydropore supplies an extensive range of water treatment and filtration systems for processing water from various sources, including river water.

River water can contain a number of potentially hazardous contaminants, including:

  • pathogens
  • organic chemicals
  • inorganic chemicals; and
  • suspended solids.
Biological pathogens may include fungi, cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, bacteria and viruses.

Naturally occurring organic chemicals found in river water are generally tannins from vegetation in gutters, while synthetic organics such as pesticides from agricultural and industrial processes can also find their way into the supply.

Inorganic chemicals can be naturally occurring mineral salts and synthetic salts such as fertilizers from human activities.

To treat river water, a number of solutions can be adopted, which include:

  • coarse filtration
  • sub micron filtration
  • organic reduction
  • inorganic reduction; and
  • disinfection.

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