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Roof panels from APS Versiclad

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APS Versiclad  is said to be a prominent supplier that provide high quality composite roof panels. These composite roof panels are a multipurpose specialty product that combines a polystyrene insulated core colour which is highly resistant to fire, a steel weather face which is coated on the outer side and a pre-finished ceiling face which is beautifully embossed.

These composite roof panels are highly effective and efficient to provide insulation, roof ceiling face which does not require any maintenance cost.

Spacemaker roof panels from APS Versiclad are highly efficient roof panels. A spacemaker roof panel has a cover width of around one thousand millimetres. The ceiling faces are made of steel. These panels are painted beautifully and are embossed. Top roof profiles of these roof panels are around o.42 millimetres thick and painted with zinc coated steel.

APS Versiclad is also known for providing Double Corrolink roof panels. A Double Corrolink roof panel from APS Versiclad has a unique cover width of seven hundred and sixty five millimetres. The electrical wiring provisions are also incorporated into the insulated cores of these roof panels from APS Versiclad.

Multidek roof panels are also offered by APS Versiclad on a large scale. These roof panels are ideal to be used in a wide variety of applications as these panels are designed as per recent technologies and designs.

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