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article image Three gauges in one.

CSD Bottle Industries, represented in Australia by Versatile Technology , has released the TM116 multiPET CSD tester. It is the first semiautomatic testing system to combine pressure, volume & optional accelerated stress crack testing.

It is available in a 16-head configuration and is designed to move testing from the laboratory to the factory floor. This approach provides labour savings, increased testing throughput and reduced inspection times. Operators simply load the empty bottles, select the test plan and press the run icon. Testing is carried out automatically, freeing up time that would otherwise be lost to standard testing methods.

Pressure testing can be performed to a set hold time and pressure (volume expansion) or to destruction (290psi maximum). The volume test mode allows programmable fill levels or brim full measurement options. The development of an accelerated stress crack test eliminates the time consuming and costly exercise of sending bottles to an independent lab. This test works by immersing the base of the bottle in a dilute caustic solution and pressurizing to a set level for a set time (typically 60 psi to 80 psi for 15 to 45 minutes). During that time the gauge monitors for a bottle failure caused by a split or pinhole leak. Features such as programmable immersion levels and caustic solution percentage, temperature compensation, automatic fresh water flushing (to avoid contamination of the next test) and base solution decanting remove operator involvement and increase safety.

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