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Vermeer introduce pull type CT670 compost turner

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Vermeer  have entered the compost turning market with the introduction of the pull type CT670 compost turner with an elevating face.

This unit complements an already extensive line of grinders and provides customers with a line of compost equipment solutions.

Current industry trends and regulations will continue to divert organic matter from landfills to fulfil the public's increasing awareness of environmentalism.

Based on this trend, Vermeer conducted extensive research into the compost market and compost turning equipment technologies and discovered the elevating face technology was the most effective turning method available. Vermeer acquired the patent and design rights to the elevating face technology in 2006.

The elevating face technology features a combination of paddles and teeth that lift and tumble the compost material up the face of the compost turner and discharge the material at the rear of the machine.

This innovative process does not degrade the compost material and introduces more oxygen into the compost pile, which helps decrease the cycle times.

The CT670 can process up to 2,000 cubic yards per hour and handles compost piles up to 12 feet wide and 6 feet in height in 2 passes. The unit is fully self-contained, requiring no PTO or hydraulic hook ups, and can be pulled with a low horsepower tractor or wheel loader.

This design provides efficient horsepower transfer to the elevating face through a robust 48HP Cummins Tier 3, 4 cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine.

Vermeer have designed the hydraulic system to provide on-demand hydraulic flow for the elevating face, pivoting tongue, and elevating face lift cylinder.

A tethered remote provides the operator with full control of the compost turner from the convenience of the tow vehicle. Once the engine is started, all operation can be done through remote control.

The remote control features an LCD screen to aid in operating the face, tongue swing, and engine functions. It also provides real-time information on engine RPM, coolant temp and oil pressure.

Operators can also use the tethered remote to raise or lower the elevating face through a hydraulic cylinder. This allows the operator to position the face according to the ground conditions to help completely turn the compost pile thus providing maximum aeration of the compost.

The tongue pivots / swings 35° through a hydraulic cylinder and allows the operator to position the turner behind the tow vehicle for transporting around the yard, between the windrows, along roadways or to position the turner into the windrow.

The elevating face features hardened cup-style teeth, which are held in place using grade 5 and grade 8 bolts. The grade 5 bolt acts as a shear point for the tooth should teeth come in contact with contaminants, such as rocks and metals. The grade 8 bolt will retain the tooth of the machine, so it is not lost in the pile.

Four adjustable metal vanes located at the rear of the elevating face help direct material flow off the face and back into a windrow. This feature helps keep the windrow narrow in size and helps reduce the need for additional equipment to re-form the windrow after turning.

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