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Vermeer Australia’s Underground Analysis software for the evaluation of underground installation projects

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Contractors and civil engineers can use the Underground Analysis software, available from Vermeer Australia , to evaluate underground installation projects. This software program is designed to help contractors examine all aspects of an underground installation project and evaluate whether open-cut trenching or horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is an appropriate method of installation.

The software helps the user through nine different aspects of the project. The user provides inputs about the project to receive a recommended installation method.

The topics addressed in the Underground Analysis software include:

Contingency plan - explores the contractors comfort level in meeting or exceeding customer expectations, familiarity with open cut trenching and HDD technologies, location in a rural or urban area, level of comfort regarding the soil sample reports and distance to site from the contractor’s office.

Price of project - the program asks how many competitors are bidding on the project, the level of the contractor’s experience estimating project costs, project complexity and whether there are existing utilities in the project area.

Eco-social risk factors - this section explores if dust control, noise levels and vibration may be concerns, such as in residential areas. It also reviews known soil conditions, importance of area restoration and if utilities have been identified across the project path.

Method comparison - the contractor determines what percentage of the project is related to materials, labour, restoration and/or equipment.

Project costs - the software provides a detailed report on the cost of using HDD or open cut trenching and provide an overview of which method may be better suited to the project.

The Underground Analysis software helps contractors evaluate a project from every angle by objectively identifying the cost for each installation method and uncovering hidden obstacles. This information can help contractors increase productivity on the jobsite.

Civil engineers can use the Underground Analysis software to help design projects and potentially reduce underground installation designs that may not be realistic for either open-cut trenching or HDD installations. The Underground Analysis is used along with the Bore Pilot and Atlas Bore Planner to help contractors evaluate and plan their underground installation projects.

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