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Vermeer Australia offer Yellow Jacket cutting system

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The Yellow Jacket cutting system available from Vermeer Australia is designed to provide fast, easy service and maintenance, and to extend both tooth and pocket life. With the Yellow Jacket cutting system, maintenance is easy as the tooth is indexable. The operator simply has to loosen one nut and rotate the tooth for a new cutting surface.

The tooth accommodates all cutting positions on Vermeer stump cutters equipped with the Yellow Jacket cutting system. As one tooth is needed for all cutting/pocket positions, carrying additional inventory is not needed. Depending on wear, teeth can be moved on the wheel of the stump cutter.

The tooth and pocket are designed with two cutting edges on each tooth, so that the second edge is protected and clear of the primary wear area while cutting with the first edge. When the tooth is indexed to the second position, the opposite edge provides a new cutting service for extended tooth life. The Yellow Jacket cutting system eliminates the need for tooth replacement.

The Yellow Jacket cutting system limits pocket rubbing that can cause power loss and stump cutter vibration, and also helps to extend pocket life. The distance from the pocket bolt to the cutter tip is short, which helps to reduce shear stress on pocket bolts.

The Yellow Jacket system from Vermeer Australia requires only three pocket styles and one tooth style to complete a cutter wheel set-up. The reversible bidirectional pocket is designed to use the pocket on either sides of the cutter wheel. These bidirectional pockets can be reversed to use the second tooth mounting service when the primary service becomes worn or damaged.

The Vermeer Australia Yellow Jacket cutting system is a standard feature in all Vermeer stump cutters except the SC90 and the SC130 models.

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