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Vermeer Australia discuss the advantages of Vermeer Track

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Vermeer Australia , providers of stump cutting systems, list down ten Vermeer track advantages.

Local Vermeer Australia’s sales and service support: Vermeer Australia’s equipment is sold and serviced through authorised, independent dealer networks with worldwide locations. Vermeer Australia offer factory-certified service training programmes to their dealer networks and provide the latest knowledge to dealer service personnel.

Local parts availability: Vermeer Australia’s track trenchers are designed and manufactured and are supported with full parts availability. Genuine Vermeer parts are crafted to match the customer’s Vermeer equipment.

Extended Coverage: Vermeer Australia’s track trenchers provide extended care coverage.

High torque efficient hydrostatic transmission: Vermeer Australia’s engineered hydrostatic transmissions multiply torque and deliver it to the headshaft without reductions or gear boxes. With these transmissions, less number of components is needed for efficient power transmission. The hydrostatic transmissions are designed for full horsepower and there is no horsepower loss from torque converters. The transmissions eliminate the need to watch the torque converter oil temperature gauges and can operate at full load at any chain speed.

Large headshaft motors available from Vermeer Australia are robust, rugged and reliable. The high torque headshaft motors are designed for full horsepower.

Chain speed variability: A hydrostatic transmission provides a better range of cutting speeds, allowing the operator to better match the machine to the conditions.

Hydrostatic experience - Irrespective of the machine attachment (trencher, rockwheel, terrain leveler, or offset trencher), the transmission is the same.

Custom designed base plates and digger chains: Vermeer Australia provide customised base plate configurations. For the customers’ local conditions, a setup can be customised to suit individual needs. Vermeer Australia have developed digger chains for trenching applications.

TEC2000 control systems: Vermeer Australia offer integrated electrical systems for automated control on the tractor and provide diagnostic tools. Vermeer track trencher tractors have common control layouts, making it easy for operators to run different Vermeer track trencher models.

Safety features: Vermeer Australia have introduced rollover protective structures with operator presence to the track trencher industry. Elevating or extending cabs and placement relevant to the digging boom are designed to provide improved visibility to the operator.

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