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Tree Watch acquire BC1800XL chipper from Vermeer Australia

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Tree Watch have upgraded their 12-inch chipper with a BC1800XL chipper available from Vermeer Australia . The BC1800XL chipper can save labour costs and improve safety.

According to Tree Watch, the BC1800XL chipper is narrow and compact. It can be towed with a five-tonne truck and requires low maintenance. The BC1800XL chipper weighs four tonnes and can chip 19-inch softwood logs such as poplar, pine.

Tree Watch observe that the BC1800XL chipper is easy to feed and reduces chainsaw maintenance as less cutting is required. The BC1800XL chipper is an alternative to a full-time, qualified saw operator.

The BC1800XL chipper’s winch speed ensures that the material is delivered to the feed table quickly and safely. The winch can lift large diameter rounds of wood up the cliffs and steep embankments.

In Tree Watch’s view, they no longer require labourers to drag branches, rake sawdust and fill chainsaws.

The BC1800XL chipper’s sleek design reduces injuries from workers walking into extruding parts.

According to Tree Watch, their employees have experienced less fatigue since the time they started using the BC1800XL chipper. The BC1800XL chipper from Vermeer Australia reduces the manual workload and ensures a safe workplace.

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