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VEK TOOLS introduce the FESTOOL multifunction table MFT 3

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article image The FESTOOL multifunction table MFT 3

The FESTOOL multifunction table MFT 3, introduced by VEK TOOLS , is suitable for setting down tools and making quick notes. The FESTOOL multifunction table MFT 3 comprises tools and accessories that facilitate everyday work and practical applications.

The FESTOOL multifunction table MFT 3 comes with a wide range of practical accessories such as guide rails and mitre guides. A range of clamps is available to secure the optimal MFT extension, enabling the user to use the MFT as an extended support table for the CMS modules. A part of the Festool system, the new VAC SYS workpiece clamping system and CMS accessories can be used directly on the MFT 3. 

The guide rail can be set to different material thicknesses. Workpieces can also be aligned to the mitre guide for cutting at correct angles. Repeated cuts are easy when using the slide stop.

The FESTOOL multifunction table MFT 3 offers flexibility as the perforated plate allows clamping of the workpiece quickly and easily to the tabletop with purpose-built clamps. Other types of clamps are available for vertical and horizontal clamping.

The ergonomic work height of 90cm is easy on the back for all users. The multifunction table MFT 3 folds up easily and is suitable for use in workshops and on-site.

Special connectors allow several multifunction tables to be joined to create a larger work surface that allows easy clamping and processing of larger workpieces at the same time.

The Festool V-profile can be used to connect the CMS modular system and accessories to the The FESTOOL multifunction table MFT 3. This increases the versatility of the workplace and helps in executing several steps in a sequence without reclamping.

VAC SYS is a clamping solution also offered by VEK TOOLS. With the VAC SYS, workpieces can be turned up to 360° and swivelled up to 90° with a single hand movement. This helps in repositioning workpieces for various tasks without moving the clamps. This new vacuum clamping system is connected to the MFT 3 by an adapter plate.

The additional cross braces make the FESTOOL malfunction table MFT 3 stable. These tables can fold easily for transportation. The foldaway legs of the tables allow them to be folded away to save space.

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