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300kW commercial wave power plant in Northern Spain employs Novotechnik touchless technology sensors
28.08.2012 - Inverness based marine renewable wave power specialists, Voith Hydro Wavegen recently completed installation of a 300kW commercial wave power plant.
CDD5 Series CO2, temperature and humidity detectors from Veederline
27.08.2012 - Veederline offers the CDD5 Series CO2/ humidity/ temperature transmitters featuring three sensors in a single wall mount enclosure.
Veederline offers CS-6XX-XX series AC mini current sensors
14.06.2012 - Now available from Veederline, CS-6XX-XX series AC mini current sensors are designed to monitor line current for electrical loads such as pumps, conveyors or machine tools.
Sitron STD-P pressure transmitters with local indication now stocked by Veederline
03.05.2012 - Now available from Veederline, Sitron STD-P pressure transmitters are designed for pressure and level measurement of liquids and gases for temperatures between -20C and +80C.
Veederline supplies DP series split core current transformers
25.11.2011 - DP series split core current transformers have been developed specifically so that they can be installed in new or already existing networks, and are now available from Veederline.
SL-200 series duct smoke detectors available now from Veederline
31.08.2011 - The SL-2000 series duct smoke detector is the latest innovation in the early detection of smoke and the combustion of products present in commercial, industrial, and residential HVAC ducts.
TC-003 Analog to Pulse Temperature Transmitters from Veederline
17.06.2011 - TC-003 Analog to Pulse Temperature Transmitters from Veederline are Hockey Puck Style units.
Novotechnik liner transducers now available from Veederline
01.10.2010 - Novotechnik TLM series linear transducers, supplied by Veederline, deliver direct, precise and absolute measurements of travel and length in control, positioning and measuring technology.
Veederline announces Greystone TE series temperature sensors
30.09.2010 - Greystone TE series temperature sensors, supplied in Australia by Veederline, can be supplied with a choice of sensor configurations, and are designed to interface with computerised monitoring systems.
Greystone microprocessor based space temperature sensors from Veederline
29.09.2010 - Supplied in Australia by Veederline, microprocessor based Greystone TE-200-AEM space temperature sensors terminate to the analogue inputs of virtually all makes of building control systems.
Veederline supplies Greystone humidity transducers
28.09.2010 - The RH series of Greystone humidity transducers, available in Australia from Veederline, are suitable for use with automation, energy management and process computer control and monitoring systems.
Energy Tracking’s Power@DeskTop application talks to WEM-MX Smart Meter from Veederline
29.06.2009 - Energy Tracking has announced the release of Power@DeskTop software application.
Web Enabled Data Logger (WEPM) by Veederline
26.06.2009 - The WEPM Web Enabled Data Logger is a major step forward in Internet / Ethernet enabled data loggers.
New version digital panel indicator available from Veederline
27.09.2007 - The Dynapar S428A available from Veederline is a new digital panel indicator providing a high contrast, high visibility display, designed for optimal ease of use in a wide variety of process measurement applications.
ASO Low-Current Sensors available from Veederline
04.09.2007 - ASO Low-Current Sensors from NK Technologies are specialised current operated switches which combine an ultra-sensitive current transformer and signal conditioning electronics into a single package for sensing AC current from 3-350mA.
New range of graphic operator interfaces available from Veederline
03.09.2007 - The Silver Series Plus is an exciting line of graphic operator interfaces build upon the versatility of the Silver Series.
AAC releases new series DC current transducers
30.08.2007 - AAC has released a new series of DC current transducers that provide tighter accuracy to 1.0% FS for more stable operation over a wider temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, versus similar products with a temperature range of -20°C to 60°C.
Rotary Cam Limit Switches available from Veederline
29.08.2007 - EC-3000 Series and EC-3400 Series Rotary Cam Limit Switches available from Veederline use interrupter discs and photocouplers instead of traditional cams and mechanical limit switches, eliminating contact wear and bounce.
New Smoke Duct Detector available from Veederline
28.08.2007 - The SL-2000 Series Smoke Duct Detector from Veederline is the latest innovation for early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through HVAC ducts in commercial, industrial and residential applications.
Electronic rotation speed control from Veederline
24.08.2007 - Type CRT30 measures the time gap between two signals read by a sensor on a revolving or cycling mechanism.
Electric knockoff Switches available from Veederline
24.08.2007 - The Electric knockoff switches are provided with 1.5 meter long flexible cables for termination in any EEx approved terminal or junction box.
Programmable universal transmitter available from Veederline
23.08.2007 - The universal transmitter RISH Ducer V-604 from Veederline converts the input variable, a DC current or voltage, or a signal from a thermocouple, resistance thermometer, remote sensor or potentiometer to a proportional analogue output signal.
Inductive Ring Sensors from Veederline
23.08.2007 - In ring sensors, sensing is made within the ring itself. The sensor is activated when a metallic object is introduced within it.
Range of analogue and digital multimeters available from Veederline
22.08.2007 - A powerful multi-measurement system up to six RISHmulti SI 232 can be interconnected and connected to a PC on-line via a standard interface cable (RS-232C) and/or up to ten devices can be operated off-line.
Mechanical Level Control for solids from Veederline
22.08.2007 - SE-A is used for the level control in containers holding product in powder or granule form.
New version data storage adapter available from Veederline
21.08.2007 - Veederline’s storage adapter RISH multi SI 232 which is attachable to the hand-held Rishmulti series multimeters permits direct transmission of measured data of a single or several RISH multi to a PC as well as on-site data storage without PC and the
High temperature sensors from Veederline
20.08.2007 - The AECO - ALSC - SC18M-HT/SC30M-HT high temperature sensors should be considered as part of the traditional range of sensors with the difference that electronic portion is completely separate from the sensing part which is in the form of an extensio
V48 series Temperature Controller from Veederline
18.08.2007 - V48 series Temperature Controller is available from Line Seiki.
HT100 Hand Tachometer from Veederline
17.08.2007 - The HT100 Hand-Held Rate and Time Indicator's display provides a highly visible reading, even in dim light or at indirect viewing angles.
Programmable multi-voltage capacitive sensor from Veederline
17.08.2007 - SC30P-RE25T proximity sensor belongs to the capacitive sensor family.
Veederline offers AWESOME 1/8 DIN panel meters
06.08.2007 - The new Veeder-Root brand AWESOME 1/8 DIN analog or digital large display panel meters from Veederline have the following applications / functions.
Veederline presents Dynapar brand HS20 sealed hollowshaft encoder
03.08.2007 - The HS20 sealed hollowshaft encoder from the Dynapar brand Series is presented by Veederline.
Dynapar brand Series HS35 encoder with dual isolated outputs from Veederline
02.08.2007 - Veederline offers the Dynapar brand Series HS35 sealed hollowshaft encoders from Danaher Controls.
Veederline offers HS20 sealed hollowshaft encoder with metal hubshaft
01.08.2007 - Robust metal hub and flexible spring mount HS20 from Veederline allow easy installation on motor or machine shafts.
Veederline presents industrial encoders with flex-mounting from Danaher Controls
31.07.2007 - Veederline offers Danaher Controls' newly-introduced Dynapar brand series F14 and F18 encoders which provide high performance, cost-effective feedback for stepper and servo motor controls.
Danaher Industrial Controls’ Harowe Resolver Line from Veederline
30.07.2007 - Veerderline offers Danaher Industrial Controls’ Harowe Resolver Line. Resolvers and encoders measure position and speed differently.
Harsh-duty optical and magneto-resistive heavy-duty encoders from Veederline
27.07.2007 - Veederline provides heavy-duty encoders that are reliable harsh-duty optical and magneto-resistive with washdown resistance and ATEX.
Veederline presents Danaher’s Dynapar ACURO absolute encoders
26.07.2007 - Veederline presents Danaher’s new technology with the advent of Dynapar ACURO absolute encoders.
Veederline unveils Keyence PLC's model KV-P series panel-mounting
25.07.2007 - The new product from Keyence PLC’s KV-P Series Panel-Mounting, presented by Veederline is a built-in-display type PLC.
Veederline presents the Silver Series PLUS, the new generation touchscreen HMIs
24.07.2007 - The new generation touchscreen HMIs from Maple Systems, presented by Veederline is the Silver Series PLUS that is currently being released.
Veederline presents linear potentiometers from Novotechnik with IP67 protection
23.07.2007 - Novotechnik has released the LWX linear potentiometer with IP67 protection. This product, presented by Veederline is based on the LWG model and is an all-metal device designed for extreme environments and incorporates pressure equalisation technology
Veederline provides TCS/Tokheim model 682 PD flow meter
23.07.2007 - The TCS model 682 series positive displacement piston flow meter presented by Veederline is designed to accurately measure liquids within the adhesives, agricultural, aviation, chemical, food processing, paint, petrochemical, petroleum, pharmaceutica
Liquid flow meter technology
12.04.2006 - VEEDERLINE will be featuring the latest flow meter technology on Stand 711 during National Manufacturing Week 2006 at Sydney's Darling Harbour, from May 30 to June 2.
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