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Range of analogue and digital multimeters available from Veederline

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A powerful multi-measurement system up to six RISHmulti SI 232 can be interconnected and connected to a PC on-line via a standard interface cable (RS-232C) and/or up to ten devices can be operated off-line.

Each adapter can manually be provided with a specific contact address.

Application / function:

Automatic Terminal Blocking System (ABS):

The automatic Terminal blocking system prevents incorrect connection of the test leads and incorrect selection of the measured quantity. This reduces danger to the user, the meter and the system to a remarkable extent.

Interface and software RISH com 100:

The multimeters available from Veederline are fitted with a serial RS-232 C interface via which the measured values can be transmitted to a PC. These values, electrically isolated, are transmitted to the attachable interface adaptor with infrared light through the case.

Min/Max value storage:

In addition to the display of the actual measured value, the minimum or maximum value can constantly be updated and stored.

Indication of negative values on the analogue scale:

When measuring DC quantities, also negative values are shown on the analogue scale so that variations of the measured value can be observed at the zero point.

Root-mean-square value with distorted waveform:

(RISH multi 16S and 18S), the measuring principle employed permits the measurement of the root-mean-square value (TRMS) of AC quantities and mixed quantities (AC and DC) regardless of the waveform.

Automatic data hold:

The Data Hold function makes it possible to hold the digitally displayed measured value.

According to a patented method, it is ensured that no freak value but the actual measured value is held in the case of rapid changes in measured quantities.

The held measured value appears on the digital display. The actual measured value continues to be shown on the analogue scale.

Autoranging / Manual range selection:

The measured values are selected with rotary switch. The measuring range is automatically matched to the measured value.

The measuring range can also be selected manually via the Auto/Man pushbutton.

Continuity test:

This permits testing for short circuit and open circuit. In addition to the display, a facility of sound signal is available.

Temperature measurement:

It is possible to use all models of RISH multi series, in direct connection of temperature sensor. The meter automatically detects the type of sensors connected to it and displays directly measured temperature. Pt 100 / Pt 1000.

Overload warning:

A sound signal indication violation of the overload limits. Signalling in the case of a blown fuse. The display fuse points to a blown fuse.

Power economising circuit:

The meter disconnects automatically when the measured value remains unchanged for about 10 minutes and no operating control was operated during this time. The disconnection facility can be disabled.

Protective holster for rough duty:

A holster of soft rubber with tilt stand protects the meter against damage in the case of shock and drop.

The rubber material makes for the meter to stand firmly even on vibrating surface.

Top model RISH multi 18S:

The top model Rish multi 18S features a 4 3/4 digit display (31 000 digits) as well as the following additional functions: event counter, measurement of the duration of the event, time counter (stop watch), data compare, dB measurement, wide-range capacitance measurement.


RISH multi is automatically calibrated with respect to Fluke 5500 / Wavetek 9100. Automatic calibration is done through developed calibration software with RS232 connection to the multimeter.

Every multimeter is provided with the Test Certificate which is traceable to National / International standards. All the meters can be recalibrated at the Rishabh Instruments.

Differentiate features:

Features: Storage adapter SI232

The storage adapter RISH multi SI 232 which is attachable to the hand-held Rishmulti series multimeters permits direct transmission of measured data of a single or several RISH multi to a PC as well as on-site data storage without PC and their later transmission to the PC.

The data is synchronised by a integrated clock. Memory: 128kB (corresponds to approximately 100000 measurement Values).

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