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New range of graphic operator interfaces available from Veederline

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article image Silver Series Plus graphic operator interfaces

The Silver Series Plus is an exciting line of graphic operator interfaces build upon the versatility of the Silver Series.

These touchscreen OITs offer additional hardware features such as larger displays, more memory, USB ports and enhanced CompactFlash and Ethernet support.

With Silver Series Plus you can create superior looking numeric entry, analogue meters, bar graphs, and trend graphs with simple mouse clicks.

Use the online simulator and the Ethernet port for quick testing and download.

The Silver Series Plus, with exciting features such as connectivity to multiple PLCs, data logging, enhanced security, and support for Allen Bradley EtherNet/IP, is the new generation graphic OIT of choice.


Enhanced Displays: All Silver Series Plus OITs support TFT displays that are high brightness with 65,536 colours. Our 12.1" model supports 800x600 pixel resolution. The displays have a wider viewing angle and more contrast than ever before.

  • 6", 8", 10" and 12" display
  • Support for 65,536 (16 bit) colours
  • Brighter TFT Displays with a wide viewing angle.

The Ethernet Connection: The 10/100Base-T Ethernet port included with every Silver Series Plus model allows you to take advantage of remote monitoring and control.

  • One Ethernet and three serial ports allow simultaneous connection to multiple PLCs
  • Exchange data between PLCs using the OITs
  • Support for many major PLCs.

Peripherals Galore: The Silver Series Plus models are designed to allow you to expand the capabilities of the OIT by connecting additional hardware.

  • Connect FlashDrive, CompactFlash, Hard Drive, or IDE DOM for memory storage
  • Attach a mouse and/or external keyboard
  • Connect amplified speakers for sound output.

Enhanced graphics: Create sophisticated screens using the extensive graphic libraries.

Support for bitmaps, JPGs, and animated GIFs
Display multiple popup windows
Overlap objects of any size anywhere on the screen.

Enhanced Text: With Windows TrueType fonts, a wide variety of font types, sizes, and colours are available.

  • Windows TrueType fonts supported
  • International characters using Unicode fonts
  • Bold, italics, underline, scrolling, and blinking
  • Multi-language support configure up to eight different versions of a
  • word label for every object displayed on the OIT screen. Allows ability to have multiple languages in one project.

 Data Logging/Data Sampling:

Store captured data for future retrieval in multiple files.

  • Capture sampled data to internal memory, USB or CompactFlash drives; export as a CSV file
  • Store alarm history, including date and time stamp
  • Save trend data for later retrieval on the OIT.


The Silver Series Plus offers many security features to protect the OIT from unauthorised use.

  • Password protection for upload, download and access to local setup
  • Six security levels with three passwords per security level
  • Object invisibility and Interlock feature.

Easy To use:

The new features added to the Silver Series Plus do not mean that ease-of-use is sacrificed. The software is intuitive and based upon Veederline ’s EZware-500 software.

  • Import projects created in EZware-500
  • Offline Simulator/Online Simulator
  • Quick download via Ethernet, USB Flash or CompactFlash card.

Differentiate Features:

  • 6", 8", 10" and 12" displays
  • 65K (16-Bit) colour, high-brightness TFT display
  • Analogue resistive touchscreen
  • 200 MHz microprocessor
  • 32 MB flash memory
  • 64 MB DRAM
  • USB ports
  • 3 serial ports
  • Ethernet port (10/100 Base-T)
  • Compact flash port
  • Audio In/Out
  • NEMA 4, CE, UL pending
  • Offline/Online simulator
  • Programmed with EZware-5000 software.

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