Veederline provides consultation, supply and distribution of advanced, fast and accurate Encoders, Controllers, Sensors, Industrial HMI's / PLC's and HVAC equipment. 

Think : Count - Rate - Position -Time - Control - HVAC, Think Veederline.


Question: 29/08/12 - The amount of radiation given off by a typical smoke detector is so minuscule; the detector is really quite safe.
Question: 29/08/12 - There are two versions of photoelectric detectors, although both work on the same principle. The first type is activated when a light that is shining ... read more
Question: 29/08/12 - The Photoelectric Smoke Detector.
Question: 29/08/12 - Each detector contains a small amount of radioactive material, which emits alpha and gamma radiation. The alpha radiation ionizes the air inside the ... read more
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28/08/12 - Inverness based marine renewable wave power specialists, Voith Hydro Wavegen recently completed installation of a 300kW commercial wave power plant.
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27/08/12 - Veederline offers the CDD5 Series CO2/ humidity/ temperature transmitters featuring three sensors in a single wall mount enclosure.
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14/06/12 - Now available from Veederline, CS-6XX-XX series AC mini current sensors are designed to monitor line current for electrical loads such as pumps, conveyors or machine tools.
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03/05/12 - Now available from Veederline, Sitron STD-P pressure transmitters are designed for pressure and level measurement of liquids and gases for temperatures between -20C and +80C.
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