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Vectron’s POS linked wireless pourers

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With overpours and giveaways, the question for hotel and pub owners is how much potential revenue is missing?

Vectron’s POS linked wireless pourers can help manage liquor costs down. Simply mount the wireless pourers onto bottle tops. A signal is sent to the POS system every time a drink is poured.

You can exactly track all your free pour liquor and compare real time to product sales. Powerful variance reporting through the POS system lets you identify where and when wastage and slippage occurs. 

Features of POS linked wireless pourers:

  • Automated variance alerts via paging, sms or email. 
  • Drill down to the exact time and location of each variance. 
  • Real time reporting of reduced stock against each sale. 
  • No need for manual liquor stocktakes 
  • Switch button to switch pour sizes 
  • Pourers have long battery life and completely rechargeable 
  • Pour nip - 30ml, or 1/2 nip - 15 ml from the bottle. 
  • Link to CCTV to connect variances with actual images of customers and staff.
Vectron Systems Australia offer a complete range of POS systems and dispensing technologies with easy POS integration.

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