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Vectron Systems Australia unveil handheld POS terminal

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Vectron Systems  have introduced a handheld ordering device linked to their POS system. This handheld POS terminal replaces the traditional waiter pad, transmitting orders wirelessly to the kitchen and bar. With no need for staff to walk away from the dining area, venue owners can use this device to sell more on the floor.

Easy-to-use, the handheld POS terminal has exactly the same touch screen as the main fixed POS terminals. This same look and feel makes life easier for staff as they only have to learn how to use one touch screen instead of two. With large, easy-to-navigate buttons, the handheld POS terminal responds to fingertip touch or a built-in stylus. Handheld POS terminal is less error prone than manual order systems.

Other features like suggestive side orders and kitchen updates on meal status etc will positively impact on bottom line profits. Handheld POS terminal runs stock takes, stock transfers, purchase orders and stock receipts and is compatible with commonly available terminals.

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