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Vectron Systems Australia discuss selection of POS systems for restaurants

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Vectron Systems Australia  offer guidance while selecting POS systems for restaurants.

  • POS systems specially designed for restaurants will have features built specifically for that environment. Any good restaurant POS system should be able to cater for everyday operational needs such as detailed find dining menu planning, complex meal orders, reservations, client retention and integrated home delivery.
  • Restaurant owners/managers need to control table accounts, cost of goods, cash float and staff. They must look for standard and custom reports which can reduce information overload.
  • With the growing need for client retention, emails, sms or mail promotions should be a key function of any POS system. Vectron Systems Australia’s integrated central member database supports target marketing, points schemes, coupons and purchase related benefits. POS systems should also be continually updated at no extra charge as new technologies emerge.
  • CCTV, paging and wireless handhelds are used by restaurant customers. CCTV can keep an eye on the business from anywhere with live Internet. When further integrated to POS systems, restaurant owners can see who sold what, when and at what price. Vectron Systems Australia’s POS handheld systems can reduce staff costs and boost table turnover. Bistro or gaming paging systems offer similar cost reduction benefits.
  • Restaurant owners and managers should look at selecting POS systems that have been tried and tested. Smaller POS systems often exclude necessary features, the ability to be scalable or be bug free.
  • POS systems must have the ability to integrate with other applications such as CCTV, handhelds and paging. Credit check, enhanced staff time scheduling and remote staff schedule retrievals are some of the additional POS modules available.
  • A system demo or a customer site visit can help initial cost and benefit evaluations. Ergonomic needs such as space for terminals, back office PC location and kitchen communications will drive system configuration.

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