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article image Vectron’s POS system offers an easier and effective way to upsell to customers with style, charm and visual stimuli

The advanced POS system available from Vectron Systems Australia is designed to help any hospitality venue facilitate upselling to boost profits.

Upselling boosts the venue’s bottom-line, not just by increasing the size of orders but also by offering more choices to patrons. Satisfied customers are bound to come back for more and even spread the word, increasing the popularity of the venue.

Vectron’s POS system offers an easier and effective way to upsell to customers with style, charm and visual stimuli.

The advanced POS system can assist with upselling through various methods including prompting staff at the till, printing incentive vouchers and tempting diners through visual stimuli.

Prompting staff at the till

Vectron’s POS system comes with an extremely handy messaging module whereby one can pre-set upselling prompts for the bar and bistro workers. Staff can receive customised reminders such as daily specials or a specific beer that needs to be promoted at the till when they log in. Messages can also be sent to staff’s paging devices, email addresses and mobile phones to encourage upselling on the floor.

Print incentive vouchers

An in-built marketing tool allows the user to pre-feed parameters and automate issue of certain vouchers to try and upsell specific beverages or meal deals. For instance, when a patron orders a couple of bottled beers, a voucher can be issued for a fifth free beer on the same night or if a patron buys a Parma on a Friday night, a half-price voucher can be issued for a Parma lunch on a Monday to increase footfall on weekdays. These vouchers can be programmed to load drinks, meals or discounts, giving the venue owner greater flexibility to run any promotion while giving the patron an incentive to return.

Tempt the diners

A visual stimulus at the till can encourage patrons to order more than intended. For instance, adding a second screen at the till facing the patrons is a great way to upsell meal deals or delicious sides when the customer is already in the ‘spending’ zone. This screen can also be used to promote upcoming events or even rented out to neighbouring attractions such as tours, art galleries and accommodation deals.

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