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The Bar and Hotel POS system from Vectron

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article image This intelligent POS system is able to keep management up to date, even when they are away from the venue.

The Bar/Hotel POS system, from Vectron Systems Australia is a complete point of sales solution designed for those working in the hospitality industry. The system handles the monitoring and analysing of sales, therefore enabling management to focus on areas where they are really needed. The system is also able to keep individuals updated, even when they are away from the venue.

The Vectron system has a built in smart ‘alerts’ function which understands how a particular hospitality business is run. This means that the system is not only able to notify the customer of low stock, but also able to recommend whether the product should be reordered after analysis of the product and its usage.

There are varied reports to choose from such as:

  • Supplier cost movements
  • By product or period
  • Staff performance;and
  • Payrolls.

These reports can be automated so that the system will proactively inform and advise the customer.

Additional benefits of this Bar and Hotel POS system include an integrated digital CCTV system that can be used as indisputable evidence for incidents or insurance claims. 

The Vectron’s Bar and Hotel POS has numerous other features to help customers to better manage their venue and features:

  • Built-in loyalty and promotions module
  • Automated inventory control;and
  • Customized reports.

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