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Take control of your restaurant with Vectron's POS software

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Vectron Systems Australia 's POS software can help improve the performance and bottom line of any food outlet, whether it’s a fine dining restaurant or a fast food café. With a host of impressive features, from perpetual inventory management to comprehensive reporting, this POS solution gives management more control.

It allows the restaurateur to manage several restaurants as easily as he or she would manage one. Each corporately defined area of the POS software can be programmed and then replicated to the various locations via the internet. This also ensures that consolidated reports flow up to a centralized head office database in real time.

Features of Vectron's POS software:

  • Powerful Graphing - Comes with a built-in active graph viewer which refreshes in real time as data is viewed.
  • High Performance - An analysis tool designed not only to provide insight into data, but to deliver this data at the desktop promptly.
  • Customizable Reports - Various pre-defined reports with ability to add new report profiles as and when developed.
  • Easy Scheduling - Schedule reports to run automatically at any given time by configuring the POS system.
  • Report Automation - Take a step ahead and have the scheduled report automatically sent to a whole team or to head office.
  • High Scalability - Regardless of the amount of information generated, data can be scaled over multiple data servers, allowing the user to scale the system according to changing requirements.
  • Flexible Viewing - Configure data received according to a view that best presents personal information needs.

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