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Supermarket POS that keeps the line moving

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Vectron Systems Australia  have a fresh approach to supermarket and grocery POS. Their Shopezi suite of POS solutions has a modern and appealing design and layout. Easy and rewarding to use, customers can get in and out retail premises fast.

Shopezi POS software is affordable for 1-2 lane convenience stores and powerful enough for 20+ lane supermarkets. System simplicity, efficiency and security are outcomes of a carefully controlled product testing environment. All Shopezi POS development is carried out in a live supermarket environment. If staff don’t approve, changes are not passed on.

In store Shopezi POS software and hardware makes it simples for staff and customers:

  • Multi-buys, mix-match, buy-one-get-one offers
  • Fully integration with Vectron CCTV security cameras
  • Images in flip chart format are easy for cashiers to recognize
  • Bright finger profile buttons make touch screens simple
  • Intuitive prompts speed up transaction processing
  • On screen simple messaging at the POS screen to back office
  • Variance reporting for irregular transactions
  • Menu options with user definable security settings
  • Cashier statistics tracking
  • Any transaction can be easily resumed from any terminal
  • Advanced record filtering spanning multiple dates
  • Data processing and reporting is in real time
  • Automatic recovery in case of failure
POS integration is seamless with the Back Office system. Information is delivered in a precise, timely way in a variety of on screen and printed reports. Back Office can fully integrate peripheral equipments, such as scanners, scales and printers.

Mobile POS is back office in a handheld format. Using an existing Symbol 3090, staff can carry out full item management on the shop floor.

Self serve touch screen kiosks let customers place orders for goods from easy to use product menus displayed on screen. Ideal for deli's, customers can browse large easy to read touch screens and print out itemized tickets.

Self checkout solution puts shoppers in the driver’s seat and empowers them to pay for their purchases quickly. Cash and card payments are covered and staff can be freed up for more service elsewhere.

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