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Promotional tools in Vectron’s restaurant POS software

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Vectron Systems Australia  offers its restaurant POS software with a promotional toolkit enabling venue owners to have a powerful user-friendly customer loyalty system.

Having the right systems in place can help restaurant owners and other hospitality venues create customer loyalty programs inexpensively.

Vectron’s restaurant POS software incorporates a customer profile database, modern communications methods plus a powerful promotions engine all seamlessly intertwined with a straightforward user interface allowing owners as well as staff to quickly set up and manage creative loyalty and promotional campaigns in-house.  

Relational database
Customer names, addresses, phone numbers and purchase history can all be captured and recorded into the database to create a complete customer profile record. Records of personal information specific to each customer including preferences and events that triggered each purchase such as birthdays and anniversaries are all key data points in the relational database system.  

Full analysis reporting lets the staff spot purchase patterns, repeat business and other trends based on which, the right reward levels can be set.  

Swift communications
Low cost communications are enabled via Vectron’s in-built SMS and email functionality. Tightly integrated with the database and promotional toolkit, bulk or individual communications can be sent almost immediately to customers.    

Promotional toolkit with loyalty cards, auto vouchers and more
Barcoded promotional vouchers can be instantly printed via the POS printer at point of sale for more tangible rewards. Auto printing can be triggered by a pre-set campaign.  

Vectron’s restaurant POS software also comes with swipe loyalty cards, which accrue points at each purchase. For complete visibility, customers can see their points allocation at each purchase on rear display screens.  

Vectron’s restaurant POS software also allows staff to quickly design promotional campaigns using a campaign design kit.  

Examples of promotional and rewards programs:  

  • Automatic points on entry to the venue
  • New wines matching tastes, automated birthday rewards, event invitations, automated prize draw entries, repeat business recognition rewards, 2 for one, buy 1 get 1 free or discount offers-based purchase value
  • Automated promotions or event invites activated by member type, date, purchase behaviour, birthdays or even randomly
  • Delivery of schemes and rewards via SMS, email, printed voucher or accrued to the loyalty card

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