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Point of sale technology to control beverage loss available from Vectron Systems Australia

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Beverage waste and spillage through over pouring can be high. The new point of sale technology from Vectron Systems Australia can control free pour drinks.

Compact wireless pourers mounted on spirit bottles can compare every ounce of alcohol that flows through a bar to their point of sale records. Venue owners can identify where and when wastage and slippage occurs and get up to the minute visibility of beverage inventory and stock movement.

The wireless pourers are rechargeable electronic devices that can be calibrated to pour a nip, thirty mil, half a nip or 15 ml from the bottle. Each time a spirit is poured the device sends a signal to the point of sale system, reducing stock levels accordingly.

Bulk beverages like draft beer, accounts for about 85% of sales. Difficult to stock take and monitor in real time, loss and wastage can be high. Vectron Systems Australia offer bulk beverage metering devices, which can deliver similar variance analysis and help, reduce beer loss from 25% (industry average) to 5%.

Seamless integration to existing point of sale system gives comprehensive variance reporting. With SMS or email messaging to the PDA, mobile phone or PC, automated alerts can be at store, regional, and corporate levels. Easy at a glance reports can show poured versus sold drinks plus brand performance. Reports can be drilled down to a 10 second period and easily exported to excel.

Both of these new point of sale technologies can help Venue owners ensure profitable bar operation, control spillage and free drinks. Vectron Systems Australia are suppliers to some of Australia’s restaurants, hotels and pubs.

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