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Mobile retail software update from Vectron Systems Australia links to Shop Ezi retail system

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Vectron Systems Australia ’s latest mobile retail software is designed for use in groceries and supermarkets, allowing users to carry out full item management without leaving the shop floor.

Staff have the ability to scan shelf items quickly and accurately to verify prices, check orders and run stock takes while at the shelf. The retail software runs on existing Symbol 3090 handhelds and is linked to Vector’s retail system, called Shop Ezi.

Staff can:

  • check pricing
  • verify present, future and past promotions prices
  • activate/deactivate items
  • order shelf labels or stock takes
  • check AWS; and
  • set up in store specials.

This allows staff to reduce pricing discrepancies across their store or chain and fine tune pricing promotions. Retailers can introduce happy hours, specials and markdowns to boost impulse sales and turnover and competitive pricing can be quick and responsive, with more control over setting prices neither too high nor too low.

Fresh product wastage can be reduced by quick and easy markdowns on near to date stock. Shrinkage can be managed without guesswork with accurate, controlled markdowns made on old or damaged stock.

The software is powerful enough to run stock takes, eliminating the need for PDE downloads, and on the spot orders can be made with full history on the product being ordered available at a glance.

Labour savings from the reduction in laborious tasks related to software products help control overall food costs.

Specially designed for food stores, Shop Ezi’s fully integrated retail software covers back office through to shop floor mobile scanning. The mobile system has a similar look and feel to the back office software.

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