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13 things publicans should say ‘No’ to in 2013

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Hotel POS systems provider Vectron Systems Australia lists out 13 aspects of the hospitality business that can impact the efficiency of the operation, and how they can be effectively addressed with Vectron’s POS solutions.

Inefficient staff

It may not be possible for management to constantly monitor staff, especially behind the bar and on the floor. Vectron’s Hotel POS can track all staff activity with unique logins and the comprehensive activity reports can be used to run incentive programs. Staff will become more conscious of their work style and time management if they know their performance is being measured and rewarded accordingly.

Missed/incorrect orders

Vectron’s POS system makes sure no order is sent to the kitchen/bar printer until a table or bar tab number has been assigned to it allowing staff to deliver the order accurately. If a kitchen or bar printer runs out of paper or malfunctions, the order is automatically re-directed to the nearest designated printer to avoid backlog of orders.

Incorrect pricing

All prices can be pre-set by management to eliminate over or undercharging on food/beverage items by staff. Any discounting or price changing can be done only with a manager’s login and is fully tracked. Multiple price levels such as member/ visitor/ happy hour/ functions/ staff can be set.

Stock shortage or variance

A fully integrated stock control system runs in real time on a back office computer to track menu sales, deduct ingredients from stock and calculate precise gross profit. This can be automated for the owner/ manager to receive prompt reports of variance in stock or ingredients running low, via the smart alerts function.

PLU codes

Vectron’s Bar-Hotel POS has moved away from PLU based stock management to allow the user to enter products simply by name and price, while the built-in formulas accurately calculate and set up the rest of the information.

No split bills

To ensure a positive dining experience, Vectron POS offers diners convenient payment options including split bills, separate payments or charging to their room at the click of a button. A wireless EFTPOS terminal will allow customers to pay at their table.

Unauthorised discounts/giveaways

The inbuilt POS Loyalty & Marketing module allows various promotions to be run based on vouchers or loyalty cards, which can be issued or redeemed using pre-fed system data, leaving no room for human error or misuse, and ensuring that each transaction is accounted for down to the last cent.

Lack of communication

The POS Messaging module enables messages to be sent to POS terminals, paging devices, email addresses and mobile phones allowing staff to be contacted to check their availability or as a reminder for a specific task, and also receive a response via the POS terminal. The module can also be used to target specific clients with new menus or promotions.

Slow service

Handheld POS is a perfect extension to the Bar-Hotel Point of Sale system, enabling orders to be wirelessly transmitted to the bar/kitchen printers, eliminating doubling of dockets and ensuring smooth and timely table service.


Losses from over pours, spillage and giveaways can account for as much as 85-90% of bar revenue. Vectron offers a complete range of beverage monitoring technologies with easy POS integration so that every ounce of alcohol that flows through the bar can be accounted for - every minute, every day.

Queuing at the bar

Customers can be given a coaster or paddle style pager that alerts them when their table is ready, allowing them to go to the bar or gaming areas while they wait. Economical to purchase and with zero running costs, paging systems can quickly boost sales and service levels.

Unaccounted incidents

Vectron’s advanced 360-degree CCTV technology captures activity in the middle of the room, doorway, behind the bar and till area leaving no area unmonitored. Perfect for hospitality venues, a single 360-degree camera provides much wider coverage cutting down on overall camera requirements by as much as 20%.

Uninformed customers

Vectron’s latest digital signage system helps inform, educate and entertain patrons by displaying promos, live television and menus.

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