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Ultralight Porta-Davit Quantum cranes with 600kg WLL
29.10.2018 - Vector Lifting presents the Porta-Davit Quantum, an ultralight, rapidly deployable davit crane system weighing just 18.5kg.
Porta-Gantry Rapide aluminium gantry from Vector Lifting
04.09.2018 - Porta-Gantry Rapide is a lightweight and portable aluminium gantry designed for simple use in different application environments.
Vector Lifting’s yachting jib cranes minimising risk in boat handling
12.08.2018 - Vector Lifting has designed and developed a specialised yachting jib crane that minimises risk, environmental damage and costs.
New luffing winch from Vector Lifting for iron ore stackers
12.08.2018 - Vector Lifting recently manufactured a new luffing winch for an iron ore stacker.
Conveyor Take Up Winches for Mining Applications by Vector Lifting
26.07.2016 - Vector Lifting has continued to design improvements on their take-up winches with the assistance of onsite engineers and maintenance crew
Vector Lifting Explosion Proof Davits
05.06.2016 - Explosion Proof Davit Cranes manufactured by Vector Lifting have been designed for simple and maintenance free operation.
Explosion proof lifting cranes released
01.06.2016 - Vector Lifting has launched a new range of explosion proof davit cranes designed for use in heavy duty applications, especially in offshore locations.
Vector Lifting opens the Roof on a new era in Perth Entertainment
26.04.2016 - The inaugural Hyundai Hopman Cup at its new home at the Perth Arena was a great success, with all matches played under the Vector Lifting Retractable Roof.
Vector Lifting works on Melbourne Park upgrades
26.04.2016 - The Margaret Court Arena (MCA) at Melbourne Park recently underwent major upgrades including a retractable roof to fully enclose the stadium
Vector Lifting - Take Up Winches
12.04.2016 - The winches have been designed to ensure simple installation and operation onsite.
Vector Lifting designs new conveyor take up winches with additional safety features
28.03.2016 - Vector Lifting has introduced a new range of conveyor take up winches incorporating several additional safety features to ensure simple operation onsite.
Mechanical lifting systems, jib cranes and railway maintenance equipment designed and manufactured by Vector Lifting [VIDEO]
28.06.2013 - recently visited the Perth offices of engineering firm Vector Lifting to find out more about the company's design, engineering and fabrication services.
Over-braced jib cranes from Vector Lifting
18.04.2013 - Vector Lifting presents the over-braced jib crane designed for workplace efficiency and safety.
Specialised jib cranes from Vector Lifting
03.04.2013 - Vector Lifting has been designing and fabricating specialised jib cranes to suit diverse applications for over 25 years.
Locomotive turntables from Vector Lifting
18.02.2013 - Locomotive turntables from Vector Lifting are designed to rotate a single locomotive or set of wagons in the yard.
Vector Lifting develops new compact drop table
15.02.2013 - Vector Lifting offers a compact and efficient drop table developed specifically to assist with the safe replacement of a wheel set-traction motor assembly from under a locomotive.
Bogie turntables from Vector Lifting
14.02.2013 - Bogie turntables from Vector Lifting are designed to assist with the flow of maintenance at train maintenance facilities.
Jib cranes from Vector Lifting for yachting clubs
13.02.2013 - Vector Lifting has developed a new range of jib cranes designed for use in harbours, boat clubs, marinas and shipyards.
Vector Lifting installs retractable roof at the Perth Arena
24.01.2013 - Vector Lifting installed a retractable roof at the prestigious Perth Arena, which recently hosted the inaugural Hyundai Hopman Cup.
Aluminium portable gantry cranes available from Vector Lifting
13.12.2011 - Vector Lifting has been appointed distributor of a versatile range of aluminium portable gantry cranes and davits from the UK-based engineering company, Reid Lifting.
Aluminium portable davits from Vector Lifting
12.12.2011 - Vector Lifting announces the availability of the versatile Reid Lifting aluminium portable davits range.
Jib cranes by Vector Lifting
21.09.2011 - Vector Lifting specialises in the fabrication and supply of jib cranes for all applications from 50kg wall mounted jibs to 20,000kg freestanding jib cranes.
Assistant Jib Cranes by Vector Lifting
03.03.2011 - Vector Lifting designed the column-type Assistant jib cranes for lifting jobs in production and maintenance environments.
Davit Cranes by Vector Lifting
02.03.2011 - Davit cranes available from Vector Lifting are designed for heavy-duty applications primarily in the wastewater industry.
Vector Lifting davit cranes provide simple, maintenance free operation
01.10.2010 - Davit cranes distributed by Vector Lifting offer robust, weather resistant construction and simple, maintenance free operation.
Pacific permanent magnetic lifters now available from Vector Lifting
30.09.2010 - Vector Lifting now stocks Pacific permanent magnetic lifters, suitable for use in a range of industries for the transportation and lifting of heavy goods.
Vector Lifting offers Inter Product lifting clamps
29.09.2010 - Inter Product lifting clamps are manufactured from high quality steel to deliver the safety and durability required for use in industrial applications, and are available from Vector Lifting.
Boss column mounted jib cranes from Vector Lifting
28.09.2010 - Available from Vector Lifting, Boss column mounted jib cranes have been designed with maximal load capacities for use in the most severe and difficult applications.
Vector Lifting’s under floor lifting system
01.04.2009 - The Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation under floor lifting system is Vector Lifting’s largest international project to date.
Range of cranes from Vector Lifting
31.03.2009 - Vector Lifting manufacture and supply a range of pre-fabricated and custom-designed jib cranes.
Vehicle lifting jacks from Vector Lifting
27.03.2009 - Vector Lifting’s vehicle lifting jacks can be designed to work indoors and outside.
Material handling equipment available from Vector Lifting
26.03.2009 - Vector Lifting specialises in the provision of a range of material handling equipment.
Mobile gantry crane available from Vector Lifting
17.12.2008 - Vector Lifting design and manufacture a mobile gantry crane to suit most requirements. Crane capacities range from 250kg up to 5000kg and have a span from four metres up to 8 metres.
Slewing jib crane Meister available from Vector Lifting
16.12.2008 - The slewing jib crane Meister is available as a column type and was designed by Vector Lifting for lifting jobs within production or for maintenance. The slewing jib crane Meister has a capacity range of 150 to8000kg and a reach of up to 10m.
Jib cranes from Vector Lifting
21.10.2008 - The slewing jib crane Practicus, available as either a column or wall mounted type, is designed by Vector Lifting for lifting jobs within a production unit.
Vector Lifting’s maintenance equipment for Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation
28.04.2008 - Vector Lifting, in partnership with Taiwanese companies, China Steel Machinery Company and Teco Industries, has recently completed a large and ambitious project.
Vector Lifting designs new Load Spreader Beams
15.08.2007 - Vector Lifting provides a range of Load Spreader Beams that are designed to transport long goods in a safe and efficient manner.
Japanese heavy engineering firms choose Vector Lifting
29.05.2007 - Two of the three big manufacturers of LNG Storage Tanks in the world have awarded significant contracts to West Australian-based specialist lifting firm, Vector Lifting.
Extendable slewing jib crane
23.08.2006 - ONE of Vector Lifting's Western Australia clients needed a slewing jib crane which could fit in a tight area, yet still lift pumps and motors efficiently as required. An added complication was the series of waste water pipes which were in the way and
Urban rail underfloor lifting system
11.06.2004 - VECTOR Lifting has completed the underfloor lifting system for the Western Australian Government Railways Commission at the new Nowergup maintenance facility for Perth Urban Rail.
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