Vass Electrical Industries

Electrical power distribution systems: Busbars, Busways, Busducts.


Supplier news
15/05/08 - Vass Electrical Industries manufactures flexible braided connections. These flexible braided connections have been specifically designed for connecting different busway systems to transformers as well as switchboards.
Supplier news
14/05/08 - Vass Electrical Industries provides S series range of electrobar busway systems. These electrobar busway systems have been manufactured in different lengths such as 3.6 metres as well as 1.8 metres.
Supplier news
13/05/08 - Vass Electrical Industries manufactures as well as supplies electrical busway systems and its related products. These electrical busway systems have been manufactured in accordance with quality assurance standards.

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Vass Electrical Industries (Head office) Update these details
45 York Road
NSW 2565
Tel: 02 9829 7000
Fax: 02 9829 6622

Vass Electrical Industries Brands

Busduct Busway Electrobar Electrorail

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