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Shelters, enclosures and ground support equipment from Varley Manufacturing

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Varley Manufacturing  specialises in the design and manufacture of a diverse range of products to various industries. Products supplied to defence and aerospace industry include shelters, enclosures, vehicles, trailers as well as ground support equipment. Varley Manufacturing supplies different types of shelters and enclosures. 4 metres military shelter possesses rigid as well as configurable construction that has been specifically developed to suit customer requirements. The 6 metres military shelter has heavy duty structure and available in different sizes.

Customised enclosures provided by Varley Manufacturing possess lightweight aluminium construction that has been manufactured using high strength grade aluminium materials. These enclosures have been specifically designed for working environments ranging from – 6 degree centigrade to about 44 degree centigrade. Varley military shelters from Varley Manufacturing have been specifically designed for usage on static facilities as well as mobile facilities. MDT Toyota 78 series land cruiser from Varley Manufacturing is a multi terrain vehicle that is adaptable to various extreme as well as difficult applications.

Transportable transponder landing system from Varley Manufacturing is basically a deployable aircraft landing system that has been specifically deigned for military as well as non military applications. Varley Manufacturing also designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of ground support equipment suitable for repair as well as maintenance of aircraft.

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