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Electrical vehicles, gangways and accessbrows from Varley Manufacturing

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Varley Manufacturing  provides various products to marine and industrial sectors including local rescue equipment as well as gangways and accessbrows. Gangways and accessbrows manufactured and designed by Varley Manufacturing comply with the industry standards. Varley Manufacturing has also been involved in the inspection as well as repair of different types of ship and shore access structures. Various gangways as well as accessbrows that have been installed by Varley Manufacturing are inspected and maintained on a regular basis by the highly experienced personnel of Varley Manufacturing. Varley Manufacturing also ensures to deliver a safe working environment. Local rescue equipment designed by Varley Manufacturing includes Pasha Bulka that has been specifically developed for salvage operations.

Electrical vehicles offered by Varley Manufacturing include industrial vehicles, resort vehicles and golf cars. MA-8 hospital bed mover comprises of different features that include throttle lever in conjunction with knuckle guards, automatic battery charger, five different hitches, circuit breaker and brushed stainless steel chassis.

Several other electrical vehicles offered by Varley Manufacturing include single seat three wheel utility, hydraulic tipper vehicles, industrial personnel and burden carrier, two seat utility vehicle and also utility vehicles for four, six as well as eight people. Trailers manufactured by Varley Manufacturing possess heavy duty construction that has been specifically designed for various purposes.

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