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Food safety services from Vanessa Byrne Consulting

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Vanessa Byrne Consulting  specialises in providing food safety services including HACCP plans, auditing and training.

Vanessa Byrne Consulting is owned by Vanessa Byrne who is a qualified microbiologist and provides consultation on food safety and quality assurance issues. Vanessa Byrne is also a member of the Australian Society for Microbiology. Vanessa Byrne has contributed her services to child care centres, medium and large scale businesses, government and supermarkets.

Vanessa Byrne Consulting offers services to Sydney metropolitan area and it includes Pre HACCP check up, provides assistance in implementing the HACCP system and food safety plans. Internal audits, food safety programs are also provided to meet vendor quality assurance and food regulations and to find out how the food safety system is managed. The services provided are reliable and effective.

Various other services are also offered by Vanessa Byrne Consulting including food safety audits for child care centres, training on food laws, food handler and HACCP training. Assistance to external audits is also provided by Vanessa Byrne Consulting. The business and organisations are helped by Vanessa Byrne Consulting by providing assistance in an organised and easy to understand manner.

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