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Valvelink promptly replaces cast steel gate valves at Valspar site after fire

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When a fire recently destroyed an oil feed line at the Valspar site at Glendenning, NSW, Valvelink was called in to evaluate any damage that might have been done to a number of cast steel gate valves at the site.

Intense heat can change the composition of metals, and warping of castings and bodies can change the sealing capabilities of the valves, so Valvelink was called in to determine whether the valves needed replacing, or whether they could be refurbished.

As requested, Valvelink quoted to:

  • overhaul / refurbish the valves – checking all tolerances
  • strip and clean the valves
  • re-machine flange faces
  • replace gland seals and graphite packing
  • re-paint valves with heat tolerant paint; and
  • pressure test and report.

Having decided that it could not be guaranteed that refurbished valves would pass the pressure test after all works had been carried out, Valvelink informed Valspar that their best financial decision was to replace them with new valves.

As the plant was shut down due to this fire and the loss of production was critical, options on both refurbished and newly quoted valves needed to be sent back to the Operations Manager as soon as possible, so the company could rectify the issue and get the plant back on line as soon as possible.

The decision to replace the existing valves with new was quickly decided on as the turnaround time on refurbishing the valves was not in the time frame required. Valvelink had all the valves sourced and supplied to Valspar within that same week.

With the last delivery made at 7:45pm on a Friday night, the plant was online and operational by Monday morning and back to full production.

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