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Cast steel ball valves from Valvelink

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Valvelink  provide a range of quality, robust valves for a variety of heavy-duty applications including cast steel ball valves. Typically, ordinary ball valves are limited by the seat material and are generally not able to comply with solid articles or operate in high temperature operations. ARITA cast steel ball valves feature the structural integrity that allow these valves to operate in harsher conditions such as petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy and power applications.

Features of cast steel ball valves from Valvelink include:

  • Wrong operation prevention
  • Stem blow-out proof
  • Mounting pad
  • Advanced hardening technology for ball and seat such as ultra sonic spray coating, nickel base spray welding, surface hardening, stellite spray welding and ceramic material with high strength hardness
  • Surface hardness of the ball and seat reach more than HRC60 (maximum up to HRC74)
  • Surface retains extreme resistance properties of friction and impact
  • Fire-safe structure
  • Valve cannot get stuck under high temperature with a bevelling and spring loading design
  • Natural anti-static structure
  • Double lock and bleed function
  • Excellent tightness function
Cast steel ball valves go beyond expectations of regular ball valves allowing for operation in harsh conditions with a durable heavy-duty design and efficient function capabilities.

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