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Modular multi-way ball valve

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WORCESTOR Controls’ modular Series 18/19 multi-way valve is manufactured to satisfy the need for diverting media through a number of flow paths. It is available from Valve Distributors Pty Ltd .

Compared with other valves, the Series 18/19 offers numerous advantages including bubble tight shut-off, long sealing life and extended temperature range.

In addition, the valve is offered as either a high integrity valve for toxic media, or with retro-fitting steam jackets.

The design is tested to the requirements of BS6755 Part 1 in the downstream sealing mode and is firesafe to the external leakage requirement only of BS6755 Parts 2 and is offered in both full and reduced bore.

With a four seat design the valves provides straight-through flow capability to minimise pressure drop.

The body is designed to allow a maximum of five ports and with interchangeable inserts, can be easily re-configured to suit customer requirements. The stem design incorporates foolproof external indication of the ball position.

The Series 18/19 is available in size range 15mm to 150mm full and reduced bore.

Pipe connections are offered as screwed, socket and butt weld and flanged to DIN and ANSI standards to Class 300#.

Flanged valves are provided with slip flanges to facilitate alignment of valve and pipework during installation.

The parallel-ported ball is available in a variety of flow path configurations including 'L' port, 'T' port and double 'L' port. The problem of cross contamination can be addressed by using a bottom entry, three flanged valve with an 'L' ported ball operating through 180°.

A range of seat materials, manufactured in-house by Worcester Controls, can be supplied to accommodate various media and pressure/temperature conditions.

While standard materials of construction are stainless steel and carbon steel, this valve can be manufactured in potentially any available wrought material to allow full compatibility with the pipework/process conditions.

The use of Norbro's 180° Series 40R pneumatic actuator allows two or three position capability between 0° and 180°.

With an ISO mounting platform, the Series 18/19 modular multi-way ball valve is easily actuated and assembled as a fully integrated multi-way valve system.

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