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WORCESTER Controls’ 5HP44 high pressure ball valve is designed specifically for high pressure systems up to 5,000Psi.

Available from Valve Distributors Pty Ltd , typical applications would be oil, inhibited water and nitrogen gas.

Derived from Worcester's proven Series 44 3-piece ball valve, the 5HP incorporates a number of product features, all designed to optimise the valve's performance. These include high pressure seals, thicker flanges on the body connectors, high tensile bolting, special acetal resin seats and a high strength stem.

Compared to other types of high pressure valves, the 5HP 44 offers greater flow rates and easier operation (whether manual or automated).

It has been designed to accommodate gas and non-shock hydraulic pressures of up to 345Bar (5,000Psi).

While acetal resin seats will tolerate temperatures up to 80°C, the use of PEEK seats extends the valve's temperature capability to 170°C, in conjunction with appropriate stem and body seals.

The 5HP44 valve is suitable for manual on-off operation or automation with pneumatic or electric actuators.

Features include:

* Screwed end, socket weld and butt weld ends

* Stainless steel option

* Blowout proof stem

* Temperatures to 230°C capability

* Safe bottom entry stem design

* 3 piece for easy repair and installation

* Available in carbon steel in sizes 8mm to 50mm.

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