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Vaisala releases moisture, hydrogen and temperature transmitter for online transformer condition monitoring
26.02.2015 - Vaisala announces a new range of transmitters designed to integrate three critical parameters for condition monitoring of high voltage transformers.
Ultrasonic WMT52 wind sensors from Vaisala
10.08.2012 - The WINDCAP Ultrasonic WMT52 model of wind sensors from Vaisala are designed to measure horizontal wind speed and direction.
Mobile-optimised monitoring system from Vaisala improves product safety
22.05.2012 - Vaisala introduces a new version of viewLinc 4.0, offering an optimised mobile interface for remote monitoring and alarm management.
Vaisala adds easy to use cold chain temperature data loggers to range of life science monitoring solutions
22.05.2012 - Vaisala has launched a new solution for cold chain applications with its CCL100 temperature data loggers, thin and compact devices that do not require proprietary software.
New IG04 BACnet Gateway for Vaisala WXT520 weather transmitters
08.11.2011 - Innotech Control Systems introduces the new IG04 BACnet Gateway for the Vaisala WXT520 weather transmitters.
Vaisala DPT145 multiparameter transmitters for SF6 gas
18.10.2011 - Vaisala presents the DPT145 multiparameter transmitters designed for online measurement of dew point, pressure and temperature of SF6 gas.
Measuring Instruments from Vaisala for the Power Industry
31.03.2011 - Vaisala specialises in the supply of a range of stable measurement equipment designed to maximise operational efficiency and optimise cost-efficient maintenance in power industry installations.
Vaisala Offers RH Measurement Devices for Measuring Relative Humidity in Test Chambers
25.03.2011 - Vaisala offers a range of measurement devices to measure relative humidity levels in various environmental conditions in test chambers.
Medical/Surgical Supplies Distributor Improves Efficiency and Compliance with Vaisala Warehouse Monitoring System
24.03.2011 - Vaisala Veriteq’s continuous monitoring system was installed for a distributor of medical and surgical supplies.
Cleanroom-Optimised Humidity and Temperature Transmitters from Vaisala
22.03.2011 - Vaisala introduces two new humidity and temperature transmitters designed specifically for use in cleanrooms and demanding HVAC applications.
WRM200 Doppler weather radars from Vaisala
22.09.2010 - The applications of WRM200 Doppler weather radars include weather surveillance and severe weather monitoring.
Vaisala WXT520Weather Transmitters
20.09.2010 - The Vaisala WXT520 Weather Transmitters measure the six most essential weather parameters in one fully integrated instrument with no moving parts.
Vaisala MAWS410 Maritime Observation Systems
20.09.2010 - The Vaisala MAWS410 Maritime Observation Systems which cover the most demanding maritime weather observation requirements of moving platforms and fixed offshore installations.
Vaisala Barocap PTB330 Digital Barometers
17.09.2010 - Vaisala are introducing the Vaisala Barocap Digital Barometers PTB330. This new model has several new and improved features.
Vaisala launches PTU300 pressure, humidity and temperature transmitter
24.09.2007 - Vaisala has released a new generation barometric pressure, relative humidity and temperature transmitter series, the Vaisala PTU300.
New Vaisala Dewpoint Transmitters for High Temperature Applications
17.09.2007 - The new DRYCAP Dewpoint and Temperature Transmitters DMT345 and DMT346 measure dewpoint and mixing ratio directly in high temperature drying processes. They do not require sampling systems or trace heating in pipelines
PTB110 series barometer available from Vaisala
13.06.2007 - Vaisala PTB110 is a compact, low power barometer designed for accurate barometric pressure measurements over a wide temperature range.
MMT330 for measuring temperature and water activity of oil
03.05.2007 - The MMT330 moisture in oil transmitter enables on-line, continuous measurements of the moisture levels within oil.
Top this - if you can!
20.07.2005 - One of Vaisala’s HydroMet data collection and processing systems, the Milos520, is being used at Everest.
Humidity and temperature transmitters
01.10.2004 - THE Vaisala HUMICAP humidity and temperature transmitter Series HMT330 was developed for demanding industrial applications where stable measurement and wide customisation possibilities are important. The HMT330 has a large numerical and graphical dis
Carbon dioxide measurement module
09.10.2003 - VAISALA has a new versatile solution for the measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2) in demanding applications. The GMM220 series OEM CO2 module is the latest addition to the range of Vaisala CO2 transmitters.
Lightning alert and risk management
13.08.2003 - ALARM, from Vaisala, provides early warning of approaching and developing thunderstorms by instantly reporting cloud-to-ground and cloud lightning, and the potential for lightning activity within a 30-nautical mile (56km) radius.
Fast response wind speed sensor
28.03.2003 - THE WAA151 anemometer is an optoelectronic, fast-response, low-threshold wind speed sensor. The cup wheel has three lightweight conical cups providing excellent linearity over the entire operating range, up to 75m/s. The WAV151 wind vane is a counter
Humidity probe for small spaces
28.02.2003 - VAISALA has introduced a new combined measurement probe with a small measurement head. The HMP 42 humidity and temperature probe features a 4mm diameter measurement probe, enabling accurate measurement of humidity and temperature in small spaces.
Industrial carbon dioxide measurement
28.01.2003 - VAISALA has announced the release of the new GMT220 series industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) transmitters. These transmitters are suitable for a wide range of applications.
Humidity calibration made easy
28.01.2003 - VAISALA's humidity calibrator HMK15 makes calibration and spot checking of humidity probes and transmitters easy and reliable. The operating principle of the HMK15 is based on the fact that a saturated salt solution generates a certain relative humid
Humidity and temperature meter
28.01.2003 - VAISALA’s HM70 is a user-friendly meter for spot-checking humidity measurements. The HM70 is suitable for field checking and calibration of Vaisala's fixed humidity instruments such as the HMP230 Series transmitters.
Carbon dioxide transmitters
31.01.2002 - GM20 Series carbon dioxide transmitters are specially designed for demand controlled ventilation and related applications. The transmitters incorporate the new silicon based Carbocap sensor. The simple structure and reference measurement capabilities
Handheld carbon dioxide meter
22.01.2002 - THE GM70 handheld carbon dioxide meter is used to measure carbon dioxide accurately in several measurement ranges between 0-2000ppm and 0-20 per cent CO<sub>2</sub>. The GM70 features a short warm-up
Handheld dewpoint meter
22.01.2002 - THE DM70 handheld dewpoint meter measures dewpoint accurately over a wide measurement range. DM70 can be used in many industrial spot-checking applications as well as for performing a one-point calibration check for fixed dewpoint transmitters such a
Humidity and temperature indicators
10.05.2001 - THE Vaisala hand-held HMI41 humidity and temperature indicator is versatile and easy-to-use, and comes with a choice of five different probes.
Humidity and temperature transmitter
12.04.2001 - <xt tag="CompanyName" link="4242">VAISALA’s</xt> duct-mounted HMD60/70 and wall-mounted HMW60/70 humidity and temperature transmitters are designed for use in close control air conditioning applications.
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