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Mobile-optimised monitoring system from Vaisala improves product safety

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Vaisala introduces a new version of viewLinc 4.0, offering an optimised mobile interface for remote monitoring and alarm management.

The new version of the monitoring, alarming and reporting software has been designed with the highly stringent and regulated environment of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in mind.

With improvements to the viewLinc 4.0 software the mobile optimised monitoring system is able to alert users immediately via their smart phones, enhancing product safety and compliance with GMP and other standards.

Features of the Vaisala mobile optimised monitoring system:
  • Location based reporting
  • Data logging capabilities
  • Enhanced user interface ;and
  • Increased customisation capabilities.

Brad Bayette, Tissue Services Manager, US-based tissue bank, explains that the organisation is now able to monitor multiple sites from any location using the monitoring system.

With the mobile interface users can respond and pause alarms while viewing live trends on any monitored location under their control in real time.

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