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Measuring Instruments from Vaisala for the Power Industry

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article image The Vaisala handheld meter DM70 is optimised for measuring the dewpoint in SF6 gas

Vaisala  specialises in the supply of a range of stable measurement equipment designed to maximise operational efficiency and optimise cost-efficient maintenance in power industry installations.  

Vaisala offers measuring instruments for accurate and reliable measurements of relative humidity, dewpoint, moisture in-oil, oxygen and barometric pressure that enable improved processes and energy-efficiency in power installations.  

On-line monitoring of moisture in transformer oil  

A permanent on-line monitoring system is needed to ensure timely, cost-efficient maintenance.  

Moisture reduces the insulating properties of transformer oil and quickens the ageing of the insulating cellulose.  

The traditional method of checking oil moisture readings periodically is not sufficient since moisture levels can change rapidly and considerably.    

MMT330 moisture and temperature transmitters for oil 

  • Accurately measures moisture in transformer oil on-line
  • Provides a real-time reading of the oil’s condition, and the transformer’s condition
  • Moisture levels can be monitored at all ambient and operating conditions
  • On-line monitoring aids temporary overloading of the transformer safely and enables timely preventive maintenance actions
  • Compatible with any insulating oil
  • Long-term stability is ensured with the Vaisala-designed HUMICAP sensor
  • Temporary spot-checking is facilitated by a lightweight handheld meter, the MM70

Dewpoint meters for measuring SF6 gas 

In order to maintain SF6 insulation properties and reduce the formation of unwanted secondary decomposition products, the amount of water vapour in the gas insulated system (GIS) should be kept to a minimum.  

Fast response time is especially important because of the environmental restrictions on SF6 release into the atmosphere.  

Key features of Vaisala DM70 handheld dewpoint meter: 

  • Optimised for measuring the dewpoint in SF6 gas
  • Fast response time and internal data logging minimise the amount of SF6 needed for sampling and optimise the field technician’s time
  • Sampling cells available are optimised for measurement in the SF6-gas insulated equipment, enabling measurement at gas system and atmospheric pressure
  • Sampling cells enable collection and recycling of SF6 when measuring at atmospheric pressure

Humidity-monitoring equipment for turbine inlet air  

Accurate humidity measurement of inlet air is essential for turbine control. Cooler air results in better yield of the turbine.  

With reliable humidity monitoring using Vaisala’s measuring instruments, the utility operator can cool and compress the inlet air, maximising the power generation without risking condensation or damage to the turbine blades.  

Key features of the HMT330 humidity and temperature transmitter:  

  • Industrial humidity measurement instrument
  • Provides reliable, stable and accurate measurements
  • Options include numerical and graphical display, multi-lingual menu, alarms, trends, one-year history and WLAN/LAN

Humidity and temperature transmitters for hydrogen-cooled generators  

Thanks to its high thermal conductivity and low viscosity, dry hydrogen is used for cooling electric generators.    

Increased moisture content in the hydrogen may lead to decreased cooling efficiency, reduced insulation capability and greater corrosion of generator parts, potentially leading to a breakdown.  

Key features of HMT360 humidity and temperature transmitter: 

  • Ideal for monitoring the performance of the dryer
  • Measurements can ensure that dry hydrogen is being fed to the generator
  • Sensor can also be installed directly into a pressurised pipeline

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