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Lightning alert and risk management

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ALARM (automated lightning alert and risk management), from Vaisala , provides early warning of approaching and developing thunderstorms by instantly reporting cloud-to-ground and cloud lightning, and the potential for lightning activity within a 30-nautical mile (56km) radius.

Windows-based, ALARM accepts real-time cloud-to-ground and cloud lightning data from TSS 928, and electric field measurements from up to seven EFM II sensors.

Features include:

* Easy-to-interpret lightning threat within 30 nautical miles (50km) with placement of lightning in eight compass directions -- NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, and NE -- added to near and distant ranges.

* 100% thunderstorm detection and zero false alarms for storms within 10 nautical miles (17km) and with three lightning discharges.

* Alarms can be clearly communicated in three ways: colour-coded graphics, audible signals and e-mail.

* E-mail alarm option, useful for notification to off-site operators and managers.

* Optional relays to trigger sirens or beacons, switch off vulnerable equipment, and switch generators on or off.

Vaisala is a world leader in lightning detection equipment and data services that provide reliable warning, tracking, mapping, and analysis of cloud discharges and cloud-to-ground lightning.

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