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Industrial carbon dioxide measurement

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VAISALA has announced the release of the new GMT220 series industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) transmitters.

These transmitters are suitable for a wide range of applications including greenhouses, fruit storage, safety alarms, leakage monitoring and advanced demand control ventilation applications such as mushroom farming and livestock husbandry.

The transmitters feature an interchangeable measurement probe, enabling ease of onsite calibration and maintenance tasks. The interchangeable probe also allows the measurement range of the transmitter to be changed by connecting the appropriately scaled measurement probe.

Available measurement ranges from 0 to 3000ppm, up to spans of 0 to 20 per cent.

The GMT220 series utilise the Vaisala Carbocap silicon based CO2 sensor. The Carbocap silicon based sensor is unaffected by water vapour, dust and most chemicals, enabling the GMT220 series industrial transmitters to be used in harsh, humid environments.

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