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article image The GM20 Series carbon dioxide transmitters.

GM20 Series carbon dioxide transmitters are specially designed for demand controlled ventilation and related applications. The transmitters incorporate the new silicon based Carbocap sensor. The simple structure and reference measurement capabilities make this single-beam dual-wavelength NDIR sensor stable and reliable.

Dust, water vapor and most chemicals do not affect the measurement accuracy of the sensor.

The GM20 Series Transmitters are ideal for monitoring air quality in public, commercial and residential buildings. The transmitters are easy to install and require almost no maintenance (the recommended calibration interval is five years).

Their use results in considerable savings in installation, operation, maintenance and recalibration costs as well as ensures the best possible control of air quality.

The GM20 Series transmitters can be used independently or they can be incorporated into building energy management systems. The GMD20 is a duct mountable transmitter. The GMW21 and GMW22 are wall mount transmitters).

For GMW21, an analog temperature option is available offering active temperature measurement. Optional LonMark approved interface modules are available for digital communication between the transmitters and a LonWorks network. Vaisala 03 9818 4200.

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