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Reverser air blast cleaning technology from Vacteck

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Reverser air-blast cleaning technology from Vacteck has enabled all Vacteck products to be used for various applications like powders, pharmaceutical powders, cement dusts, plastics and all types of good quality industrial waste that needs to be filtered properly without even allowing the waster and dust to be exposed to the operator or outside of the capture vessel.

Vacteck's air blast filter cleaning technology provides a long life to the filters as the air blast takes place from the inside out. This air blast enables filter return to its pre-vacuum condition. This whole procedure signifies that the vacuum will work efficiently for a long period of time and not be reduced because of filter clogging. It reduces the stress on the operator for a smooth operation.

The reverse air blast filter technology re-directs a pre-fixed amount of air with the help of finely machined blast holes that are put and spaced along the internal blast tube. After recovering the waste operator has to simply shut off the vacuum and clean the filter through a heavy and quick burst of fresh compressed air.

The control handles provided by Vacteck are of standard ball valve type. These are sturdy and strong control handles that can be used easily. The reverse air blast technology uses red air blast tubes that ease identifying vacuum knob and filter clean knob.

It is an advantageous technology as operator can work effectively and efficiently with a wide variety of heavy and fine powders.

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