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Vacteck  offers Fluid Power Drain systems that are highly essential for Drum vacs and Wheelie AirVacs. The Fluid Power Drain systems have a unique water powered highly efficient veturi drain system that enables it to drain the machine coolant efficiently, into the main tank by a mesh basket.

Vacteck’s Fluid Power Drain system filters the coolant and pumps back into the machine with the help of a water ejector. This water injector allows both this replacement and transfer to happen simultaneously.

Vacteck also supplies Wheelie AirVac PowerDrain systems that are run on a recent patented technology. This patented technology allows water soluble coolant to be cleaned, removed and replaced completely whenever needed in expensive factory machinery. This does not even require shutting down the machinery.

The water ejector system is high quality water powered system that uses a seven to one ejection ratio. This means that for every litre of water that is used to power this highly efficient ejector system, seven litres of coolant will be sucked out of the entire tank. Then, this will be powered back into the machine sump to complete the process.

Vacteck’s ejector system which is used in the drain systems can ideally match a wide variety of chips and fines that normally clog up a cutting machine or lathe.

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