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Vacon enters the medium-voltage AC drives market

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Vacon Pacific announces a new range of medium-voltage AC drives.

In contrast to Vacon's current low-voltage products, medium-voltage AC drives typically operate on voltages of several kilovolts and at power levels of several megawatts.

Vacon is a full-scope AC drives company focused 100% on AC drives, and offering products from small power levels to multi-megawatt solutions. The global medium-voltage AC drives market is growing, and is currently estimated at around 3 billion USD.

Vesa Laisi, Vacon's President and CEO comments that their entry into the medium-voltage AC drives market is a remarkable milestone for the company. The medium-voltage technology in AC drives is a natural extension for Vacon, since the power levels of machines and systems have increased over the years.

Medium-voltage drives find application in various industries including marine and offshore, mining, metals and oil and gas. Applications include propulsion, pumps, fans, conveyors and hoists.

Dan Isaksson, VP, Medium Voltage Drives at Vacon explains that the initiative for taking the step towards medium-voltage AC drives came from some of their current customers. Vacon sees the latest product as a great opportunity to expand their own product portfolio while helping their customers expand their own business by offering them a wide voltage and power range.

The first deliveries of Vacon's medium-voltage AC drives are scheduled to take place in 2014.

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